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Committed to Excellence, Committed to Care

The Caring Matters Home Care (CMHC) franchise network is a quickly growing Senior Home Care business created specifically to focus on the quality of care delivered to each client. CMHC offers high-quality, affordable non-medical senior and elder home care services, including hands-on personal care services, hands-off non-personal care, companionship, and other assistance to seniors and adults.

Caring Matters' headquarters is located in Raleigh, NC and is expanding into markets throughout the United States. For more information on becoming a Caring Matters franchise partner call us toll-free at 888-280-7552.

A History of Care

Caring Matters was founded in 2002 as Caring Companions in Reading, Pennsylvania. The company was built under the leadership of Russell Piper, whose career in the nursing field spanned more than twenty years. After decades of working to serve a wide variety of clients, he decided there was a need for an organization that would focus specifically on the quality of care delivered to at-home clients. Rooted in genuine care and compassion for people, Mr. Piper decided to build a company that would change the face of the home care industry.

Caring Matters was born, and soon thereafter, he brought in a group of professionals who shared the same core beliefs and ideas about what made his approach to patient care so special. Soon, the Reading, PA office was bustling with more than 250 employees and the in-home care landscape had been changed forever. With the assistance of a dedicated team of professionals, Mr. Piper and his Caring Matters organization continue to redefine the home care experience.

Caring Matters is expanding into markets throughout the United States with the addition of home care franchise partner offices in select markets. 

Message from Our CEO, Russell Piper

As the owner and founder of Caring Matters, I understand the client perspective. After experiencing the difficulty of finding quality care for a loved one I was moved to launch an organization that would help others in their time of need.

My father had dementia and my mother served as his caregiver for many years. While all of my brothers and sisters, including myself, were away at college, my mother had to have emergency surgery, leaving no one on such short notice to care for my dad. So, for a few days, until the family could get home to help my mother, my father had to go to a nursing home. Within just a few days of his arrival at the nursing facility, he developed skin breakdown, a urinary tract infection, and a respiratory tract infection--none of which had ever happened while he was in my mother's care. At that point, I made a promise to myself and to my dad that one day I would find a way to help people handle the basics of day to day living while caring for a loved one. After nearly 20 years in the nursing field helping to provide direct hands-on care to individuals in need, I founded Caring Matters to provide quality at-home care at affordable rates delivered with kindness and professionalism. In doing so, I kept my promise to my father and to myself, and have been able to help thousands of families around the country receive the help they need.

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